Majestic Waves and Lobsters at Puraran Beach Resort

Rabu, 11 Mei 2016

          I didn't have much in mind when I booked my Virac flight, I said that I just wanted to chill by the beach and eat lobster and that's what I did here at Puraran Beach. After getting to Virac I hailed a tryc to get me to Baras to where the van terminal that goes pass by Puraran because renting a tryc going to Puraran directly would cost me Php 750.00 - Php 700.00, Since it was just me on this trip its not worth it, So I just took the van going to Puraran which only cost me Php 100.00 plus Php 70.00 tryc ride from the airport to the van terminal.  

          It was not the lobster season so scoring some was quiet a task. After checking in at Puraran Surf Camp Resort I immediately ask if they have lobster available for lunch or dinner and they said that there was none, there may be some by tomorrow. I was saddened by that news I still enjoyed my chill by the beach time here. I spent the whole day here and I enjoyed the serenity of the place since it was off peak season here in February there were not a lot of guest here. I got my room for Php 400.00 which was really a steal but adding a Php 100.00 I would've gotten a hut, but I didn't do a prior reservation and someone beat me to it, none the less I was happy with my room.

You can't stop the WAVES but  you can learn to SURF.

Stoked in Catanduanes
Where the Majestic Waves are seen during the peak season
Baymax feeling Castaway ^_^ Looking for Wilson eh?
A nice view, I think I'm ready to hit the waves ^___^ hihi
Quinoa by the beach? Nope! Sands of Puraran Beach ^_^
Sorry cant make it, I have a board meeting ^__^

Puraran Beach
We can't be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don't have something better. Happy1 beaches!

Love Love Love <3

I followed my heart and it led me to the beach <3

Live. Laugh. LOVE.

The Beach Huts
Where I stayed
My room here at Puraran Surf Camp Resort

Lobster Hunting ^_^ 

          Found lobsters at Majestic Beach Resort just beside where I was staying. The guys manning the place was really nice and even showed us the Lobsters alive before cooking it ^_^ The usual meal cost Php 250.00 but the lobster he has available were the big ones that's why ours cost Php 300.00, not bad.. not bad at all <3

Scored big lobster for Php 300.00 ^_^ add Php 25.00 for the Coke

Lobster Lunch because why not

We Fresssssssshhhh ^__^
Lobster hunting with a new found friend, another solo travel I met at Puraran Beach ^__^

          I called it a day by 10:00 PM since I have to be up early for sunrise at Balacay Point and will be checking out Binurong Point. It was indeed a happy peaceful day at the beach. Chill by the beach, mission accomplished.

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The Awesome Island called CATANDUANES

Rabu, 04 Mei 2016
          Last February 2016,  I ventured on my 2nd solo travel and this time I went to an awesome island of Catanduanes. Catanduanes is a "not so famous tourist destination", only a few would actually know and would want to go to here, not unless of course if you are a surfer or have been here before. It was by chance that I got to go to this place, I just went to Cebu Pacific's website and selected a random destination and booked it. That's it.. I'm going to Virac, Catanduanes. Without much plan I went there anyways and man, I fell inlove with the place. It's more than a surfing mecca...they have.. get ready for this... CHEAP... YES CHEAP.... LOBSTERS <3 YES. LOBSTERS.

Stoked in Catanduanes <3

Yep we Fresh! :P

          Below is my itinerary and sort of guide in this beautiful island of Catanduanes. Please click on the active links to check out the per day activities and reviews. Please note that there are not time stamps, this is because I've got all the time in my hands just chillaxin' my way thru Catanduanes. Tara! Pinas Muna! Join me in my Catanduanes Adventure!

Catanduanes is an island province in the Philippines located in the Bicol Region of Luzon.
It is the 12th largest Island in the Philippines.
Its capital is Virac and the province lies to the east of Camarines Sur across Maqueda Channel.
Day 1
Manila to Virac via Cebu Pacific
Airport Airport to Baras Van Terminal
Van to Puraran Beach Resort
Check in Puraran Surf Camp
Chill by the beach
Dinner at Majestic Beach Resort

Day 2
Sunrise at Balacay Point
Breakfast at Puraran Surf Camp
Trekking to Binurong Point
Lunch at Majestics
Check out Puraran Surf Camp
Catanduanes Tour
     Nahulugan Falls
     PAG ASA Weather Radar Station
     Bato Church
     Bato River
     Maribina Falls
Check in Marem Pension House
Dinner at Kemji Garden Resort

Day 3
Mamangal Beach
Twin Rock Beach / Igang Beach
Lunch at Twin Rock Beach
Check out the local market for pasalubong
Go back to Marem Pension House to wash up
Dinner at Sea Breeze

Day 4
Check out Marem Pension House
Virac Airport bound for Manila

Expenses Breakdown:

Day 1
                                      Manila to Virac via Cebu Pacific
Php 70.00          Airport Airport to Baras Van Terminal (Tryc)
Php 100.00        Van to Puraran Beach Resort
Php 400.00        Check in Puraran Surf Camp
Php 155.00         Brunch
                                        Php 125 Cornsilog with Coffee
                                        Php 30 Mineral Water
                                     Chill by the beach
Php 325.00         Lobster dinner at Majestic Beach Resort
Php 1,050.00  

Day 2
Php 200.00        Sunrise at Balacay Point (tryc ride)
Php 165.00         Breakfast at Puraran Surf Camp 
                                 Php 125 Tapsilog with Coffee
                                        Php 40 Noodles in a cup ^_^ v - Heavy breakfast eh! :P
Php 400.00        Trekking to Binurong Point (habal - habal / motorbike ride)
Php 300/2           Guide Fee - I shared the fee with a fellow solo traveler ^_^ yey!
Php 350.00         Lobster lunch at Majestic Beach Resort  + Coke :)
                                     Check out Puraran Surf Camp
Php 150/2            Tryc going to Baras
Php 600/2            Hired a tryc for tour - I shared the fee with a fellow solo traveler ^_^ yey!
                                              Catanduanes Tour
                                              Nahulugan Falls
                                              PAG ASA Weather Radar Station
                                              Bato Church
                                              Bato River
Php 10.00                      Maribina Falls
Php 850.00         Check in Marem Pension House
                                         (2 days accommodation which I shared with a fellow solo traveler)
Php 575/2           Dinner at Kemji Garden Resort 
Php 2,787.50

Day 3
Php 550/2           Hired a tryc to take us to Mamangal Beach and Twin Rock Beach for the day
Php 10.00            Mamangal Beach
Php 50.00           Twin Rock Beach / Igang Beach
Php 380/2           Lunch at Twin Rock Beach
                                        Php 30    Cali Shandy
Php 20/pax         Tryc from Twin Rock Beach to the local market
Php 1000              Pasalubong hunting and snacks
Php 40.00           Tryc from market back to Marem Pension House
Php 20.00           Tryc from Marem Pension House to Sea Breeze Restaurant
Php 500/2           Dinner at Sea Breeze
Php 20.00           Tryc from Sea Breeze Restaurant to Marem Pension House
Php 1,875

Day 4
                                     Check out Marem Pension House
Php 50.00           Marem Pension House van service to airport
Php 100.00        Airport terminal fee  (Virac Airport bound for Manila)
Php 150.00

Total : 5862.50

          This is more or less what you would be spending when you follow my itinerary, It would really be a lot cheaper if you have someone with you to share the tryc with. I highly recommend this place its also solo backpacker friendly. One tip though, The habal habal and tryc drivers doesn't give out a fixed price for their services so even before you go somewhere ask first how much they will be charging you so that you could stay within a budget. If you have more time go to Gigmoto, there's a lot to see in that place too, for sure I'll be coming back for that and ofcourse..the lobsters ^_^.  The place is beautiful, the people were really nice and friendly. Best of luck and enjoy! :)

Take Nothing but Pictures, Leave Nothing but Footprints, Kill Nothing but Time.

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Oh My Gee Eats: Humbleger

Senin, 04 April 2016

          I've been seeing their sign in General Ave. when my sisters and I would pass by, we'd be curious as to why the name is Humbleger and we'd come up with different stories and have a good laugh, little did we know that after a few months we'd come to like the place. The red phone booth outside their store was something new to see in General Ave if you've been living within the area for years. It made me curious even more. If you'd been reading my foodie blog post you'd know I'm no burger fan but still curiosity got the best of me and well the rest is ....well documented below. Haha! ^_^

          Humbleger is a small burger place at General Ave. Project 8, Quezon City by Chef Neil Bautista. Its a London Themed burger dining place who boast of serving freshly prepared food every single day. I've dined here two times already and I must say the people here are really nice and accommodating, I've seen Chef Neil too and he's really hands on, friendly and nice. I was just too shy to get a picture with him for the blog,  Maybe next time chef? ^_^ hihi

          First time I visited the place I got their CHICKEN SAWRAP and man was it a sulit sarap chicken wrap I've ever tasted. They didn't skimp on the chicken and the taste was good. My super favorite on their menu and I would highly recommend is their FALLOUT WINGS. This is the only falling out I like.. FALLOUT WINGS (the #hugot just comes out naturally.. lol). Seriously its a must try. I hope it comes with rice soon. ^_^ The burgers were juicy and were also good too.


On My First Visit

On my second visit ^_^

Maltesers Smoothie
Reese's  Smoothie with Chef Neil at the background ^_^
London Eye
Fresh Patty, Melted Cheese, Grilled Bacon, Mushroon and Secret Sauce.
Chicken Sawrap
Deep Fried Chicken Breast dusted in our fresh herbs and spice, shredded lettuce, fresh mayo in tortilla wrap
4x4 fresh patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, secret suace, giant bun. Good for 2-4 people.
Upclose and personal with Big Ben Tower
Bacon bits, mushroom, melted cheese and spring onions.
Deep fried chicken wings dusted in our secret herbs and spice flour
Ahhhhh must order! My ultimate fave in this place ^_^

My sis Yami be like... "Ohh sooo yummy!" ^_^

Swing by if you're within the area, right beside them is also my go to Milktea place TEAZA.
*This is not a sponsored post.

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3 General Avenue Barangay Bahay Toro, 
Project 8, Quezon City
FB: Humblegerhomemade