Tagaytay Road Trip: Dinner at Pamana

Kamis, 31 Oktober 2013
Road Trips wouldn't be complete without food trips, especially if you're going to Tagaytay where there are a lot of places to get your foodie on! (What?! ;-) I just had to say that! haha..)

It was a little late when we got to Tagaytay and it was really cold and we got cravings for Bulalo and a friend suggested we try out Pamana. 

When we got to the place it has this homey feel. It's just like eating at home with the whole family. I like how the place exudes that vibe. It's like getting your own homey dining table at this restaurant. 

Pamana's  Concept is fine dining Filipino restaurant that serves heirloom recipes handed down from generation to generation. 

Menu Cover

A Gigantic Bowl of Nilagang Bulalo

Free Soup Refill
I love that you can ask the server to reheat your bulalo when it gets cold or he can add steaming Bulalo Soup in your bowl. ^_^ 

Sizzling Pork Sisig 
It was just OK

Crispy Tawilis
it was OK, I'm not a fan of this one and I still cant get over how my friends just ate the whole thing from head to the tail.They said it was good. It paired well with the Nilagang Bulalo.

Pamana's Three Way Adobo
3 kinds of Adobo: Native adobo spareribs, Adobo Flakes and Chicken adobong puti, all in one plate!
You couldnt go wrong with adobo. ^_^ I love the Adobo Flakes!

Your own "homey" dining table in Tagaytay

Ongpauco's Wall
Chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu conceptualized this restaurant.
I want to have this too at our home but more of my vain pics though.. 
hihi..; ) 

Unfortunately, we were so full that we're not able to get any desserts. And that's a good excuse to go back to Pamana! :) Till my next visit. 

Pamana Restaurant

Aguinaldo HighwayTagaytay City, Cavite(046) 413-1885

Craving for Kare Kare and I found PINO Resto Bar

Selasa, 29 Oktober 2013
I remembered posting in FB that I was craving for Kare Kare and a friend replied that I should try Pino Resto Bar's Kare Kareng Bagnet, and the rest... is in this blog! ;-)

Went to Pino Resto Bar for dinner with a couple of girlfriends, when we got in the place, it was packed since it was a Sunday. The waiter asked us if we could just wait at PIPINO which is vegetarian heaven resto just above the PINO Resto Bar. The Servers were really courteous and accommodating + points for PINO. 

PINO RESTO BAR in Malingap St. 

 The Menu

I love this artsy fartsy wall 

Taro Chips
while waiting 

Kansi is an Ilonggo dish, it's a cross between Bulalo and Sinigang.
Sinigang na Bulalo?! hehe.. ;-)
A must try! 

Malunggay pesto on top of the bone marrow

Appetizing Appetizer
It could be a meal itself!

Tempura Oysters and Pearls
Oyster fried with wasabi tempura batter, topped with lumpfish caviar, aligue mayo and tempura sauce

Upclose and Personalan na to with Tempura Oysters and Pearls ;-)
One more thing we liked about this is that the shell used to served the Tempura Oysters is really white and clean. We were wondering if they are reusing the shells. 
Kudos for the really clean Oyster shells PINO! 

Mini Sisig Tacos
Mini tacos filled with pork sisig lettuce, tomato salsa and cheese
This could be a meal itself. See the hefty serving?
For Php 225.00 its sooo sulit. 

Kare-Kareng Bagnet
Authentic Ilokano crispy pork belly served with annatto-peanut sauce and bagoong rice

The trip was well worth it. A Must Try

Pino Resto Bar39 Malingap StTeacher Village - East, Quezon City(02) 441-1773


Senin, 28 Oktober 2013
New Discovery..well at least for me and PigBunny ! ^_^

It's almost like the same classic Toblerone but with bigger chunks of Almonds and it has "Salted Caramelized Almonds", but you could barely feel the saltiness though
In some country this variant is called TOBLERONE CRUNCHY SALTED ALMONDS. 
This one that I got was imported from Singapore per the packaging and was made in Switzerland. 

Seriously PigBunny?! Why >.<

Found my new favorite Toblerone ~Toblerone Crunchy Almonds

i love almonds ^_^

Look at those chunks of almonds and nougats
omnomnom ^_^

Fun Fact
There's a bear in the logo of Toblerone
Toblerone originated in Bern, Switzerland. 
A city whose name is rumored to mean "City of bears"

And yeah .. just a tip when eating your favorite Toblerone, To easily break off a single piece of Toblerone, pull toward the bar, not away from it. Try it! ^_^

Mustika Tuban Hotel Workers

Minggu, 27 Oktober 2013

The El Chupacabra Street Taco Experience

Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

El Chupacabra, Home of the Street Taco is an awesome place to get your Mexican food cravings satisfied. I'm a big fan of Mexican Food and definitely this one didn't disappointment me, Not one  bit! ^_^ 

The place is location along the street of Felipe Street corner Polaris street in Makati, It's a bit hard to get a parking space so better come a little early and when we got to the place it was jam packed we had to wait for a few minutes to be seated. The waiter got our orders while waiting and offered to serve the drinks while waiting which I find really nice. The vibe of the place was really nice it was not so hot that night and the Mexican songs in the background really did complete the Mexican street tacos party vibe alive. 

Just a tip though, try to get the seats outside because when we were dining inside our eyes got a little teary because of the smokes coming in, probably it was from the barbecue I'm not really sure. 

The El Chupacabra Street Taco Experience

Menu Board

Mexican street taco comes in a freshly made soft corn tortilla
omnomnomnon ^_^

Carne Asada
 Grilled Steak

San Francisco-style Lean Pork Sisig
 This is seriously yummmeh!!! A must try! 

Roast Pork

Fiesta Sharing Platter
Patacones, Sausages, Dim Sims, BBQ Pork Sticks
I liked the Patacones - Fried Banana Chips, minus the happily sprinkled salt in it. 
The Pork BBQ's were tender
Got so full from this. It's Good for 4! ;) 

Fiesta Sharing Platter - Wings
came in late.. should've been in the photo opt with the rest of the gang in the Fiesta Sharing platter.


Will definitely go back to this awesome place, I haven't even tried their burrito!!! :) 

El Chupacabra

5782 Felipe St cor Polaris StBel-Air, Makati(02) 895-1919