Jumat, 10 Januari 2014
It's one of those sponteneous moments when you and your friends just suddenly decide that you would see each other, that we got to try Stacy's at The Fort. My friends and I are working in the same building in BGC but we rarely see each other because of our schedules. So when we got the chance to finally see each other and catch up I suggested Stacy's and It was a good choice. The place is so dainty and so Cath Kidston-ish.

The food was delish. The servers we're really nice and offered to take pictures too.

Stacy's at The Fort


Second Floor

Selfie! :P 
Second Floor Counter
Second Floor Dining Area

With my Girlfriends :) 

Layered Sausage and Potato Pie
Casserole of ground beef and Hungarian Sausage bits crowned with cheesy smashed potatoes and served with herbed rice and good-for-you corn and carrots.
Php 210.00

Homebaked Chicken Parmesan
Everyday food has never been this tasty! Baked chicken fillet in Italian herbs and chunky tomato sauce layered with oodles of Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese, served with a cup of steaming herbed rice.
Php 215.00

Granny's Picnic Bowl
Scrumptious Chicken and Pork Adobo, done two ways!
Chunks of chicken and pork belly carefully simmered in our special honey vinegar concotion then air dried, flaked and refried! Indulgently topped with laguna white cheese and served with garlic rice, sunny side-up egg and mango-tomato salsa on the side.
Php 210.00 

mango-tomato salsa

Candy Vanilla & Triple Choco MilkShake

Candy Vanilla & Blueberry Cheese Cake

So Thirsty!!! >_<


The Powder room is sooo dainty too!