Brasas Latin American Street Food

Jumat, 07 Maret 2014
We went to Brasas SM North Annex for my Le Sisters Post Birthday Dinner and to see a movie. During our birthdays its already a tradition to eat outside and go to restos that we haven't tried yet. But for some reason our schedules aren't jiving so we have to resched and when we finally got the same time off from work we were all too lazy to go far,  I was suggesting Tajimaya Yakiniku Restaurant but we figured that we're too lazy to go out that far.. and yes.. its far :P 

So we went to the nearest mall, SM North Annex and tried out Brasas. We we're really not that hungry and my other sister is on diet she just had the soup.. what a bummer >.<

The Food was great and I remember El Chupacabra because.. well.. they have the same concept of Street food :P haha Plus the Patacones it reminded so much of El Chupacabra. 

Hello Brasas! :) 
The Menu Board
Le Menu
Carne Asada Platter
Charcoal grilled meat with South American Slaw, Patacones and Yellow Rice 
served with Chimichurri sauce 
Php 220.00
Crispy plantain chips with smoked pulled pork and tomato salsa and melted Monterey Jack Cheese
Php 140.00
Carne Asada Platter
Charcoal grilled meat with South American Slaw, Patacones and Yellow Rice served with Chimichurri sauce
Php 220.00
Puerco AsadoSlow-roasted pork belly with crunchy skin, roasted seasonal vegetables, rice and beans
Php 240.00

Picadillo SoupBraised beef brisket, ripe tomatoes, carrots and green peas topped with polenta ake
Php 140.00
GuarapoSugarcane juice, muddled mint and squeeze of lime 
Php 80.00

Le Sisters <3

Over all food was great! :) Enjoyed all the Appetizer to the main entrees. The Guarapo though was too sweet for me I had to ask for another glass full of ice and I was able to make 2 cups of  Guarapo since its that sweet. 
Unfortunately we we're not able to try any chicken dish since my other sister was not eating.. bummer >.< Maybe next time. :)
After eating here I started to hum the chant for the game PATAPON.. maybe because of the PATACONES.. gah! Cray! >.<