Heartaches over Breakfast

Selasa, 29 April 2014

                I invited my friend who at that time was pouring her heart over a break up with her bf.  It was after my shift when I met up with her and suggested we get a good breakfast to atleast take her mind off her problems. I suggested a place we both haven’t tried and remembering that she always wanted to visit the food joints at Teacher’s Village, I took her to Breakfast and Pies.


Le Menu looks depressing they need to change this ASAP.

Corn Flakes Cereal Milk + Crazy Cookies <3
         To get her distracted I ordered Cereal Milk, I told the waiter I wanted the Fruit Loops Cereal Milk and the waiter broke my heart by saying “Ma’am, wala po ngayun ng Fruit Loops , Corn Flakes lang.” I was devastated, Immediately a tear fell from my eyes as I try to remain calm and told him, “Cge Corn Flakes na lang..” (Char lang but still it was sad because I LOVE FRUIT LOOPS!!!!) (Yes and yes to those extra exclamation points.) I also got us some of the Compost cookies which they now call Crazy cookies. This is a weird but awesome cookie because these cookies are made of random (edible ;) ) ingredients that the baker finds. Pretty Crazy right? The Cereal milk tasted awesome and it paired perfectly with the Crazy cookie.

Caramelized Spam
                There were a lot of stuff in the menu that looks yummy but the one that caught my attention was the CARAMELIZED SPAM. SPAM. Yes you got me there at SPAM. ‘Twas the bomb! I loved it.

Dark Chocolate Champorado
                As for my friend  she wasn’t really hungry but decided to get the Dark Chocolate Champorado. Comfort Food and Carbo loading for emo eater :P It has a weird twist because its Served with Cream Cheese and Cereal Milk. Cereal Milk is not weird it’s L-O-V-E, Cream cheese was the weird part in a good way. It gave that sour taste in the sweet Dark Chocolate Champorado Love Story.  It was also served with a caramelized I dunno if its some sort of dried fish or squid but whatever it is It worked well with the Champorado, I didn’t bother to ask the waiter what it is because 1) I didn’t want to interrupt my friend as she pour her heart out and 2) the waiter already broke my heart. Hmp!
After a good breakfast and heart to heart talk, I hoped that my friend would  be ok soon.

PS. I tried to make my own Fruit Loops Milk and failed haha >.< and that I think is the perfect reason to go back to Breakfast and Pies. My friend is now OK. Their back together. I’m happy that she is happy ^_^

Dining Solo at Persian Grill

Jumat, 25 April 2014

I came to work too early and that's unusual and without anything to do I decided to take myself on a date. Dining solo was always something scary for me and definitely didn’t like to venture on to. But as I grew older the dreaded solo dining became part of bucket list. Sooner or later one has to face the challenge of eating alone. I've been in to several restaurants to dine solo mainly because I want to spend some time alone thinking and eating good food. One more things I'd like to get of my bucket list is to go in a bar and grab a drink - solo, But I don’t think I can at the moment, The though still scares me. 

Now, down to this cute lil’ Persian Restaurant, Plus points for the interiors and the background music. The staff was really friendly and accommodating. 

There were only a few specialties or Chef's recommended item in the menu so I went for the Hummus and Pita and for the main course I got the Chelo Kebab Makhsos and for Dessert I got the Pistachio Baklava which was heavenly in every bite. 


A socket!!! --but it ain't workin' :( 
This is something I look for when I go to a restaurant or coffee shop so minus points for the non working socket :( 
A dip that is high in fiber made of mashed chick peas, olive oil and persian spices.
Solo Php 120.00

Chelo Kebab Makhsos
Combination of grilled beef tenderloin (Barg) & grilled beef kebab (Kibudeh)
Php 329.00

Please excuse me while I eat and pour all the sauce in my plate! ^_^v
Pistachio Baklava
Php 130.00 / 2 pcs

Brewed Coffee
Php 65.00

National Siblings Day @ Recipes

Jumat, 11 April 2014
To celebrate National Siblings Day I decided to treat my sibs to an early dinner before going to work. It is seldom that we would go out for Filipino Food but I got this crazy craving for Recipes' Catfish - Green Mango perfectly paired with Crispy Tilapia. Yummy! 

Le Menu

Catfish Green Mango

Lechon Kawali With Kangkong
Belly slices, kangkong in vinegar and soy sauce 

I think It would've been better without the sauce at the bottom because it doesn't give off that crunchy texture we like in our Lechon Kawali.

Crispy Tilapia
Fillet Strips, sweet and spicy soy sauce on the side
This is heaven. I don't like fish that much but this is sooooooooo good! A must try! :) 

General's Chicken
Thigh fillet chunks, eggplant slices, Recipes' special sweet - spicy sauce

Too bad we didn't have a group pic because my other sister took forever to return to the restaurant and my brother was sleeping in another time zone. But here's A throwback pic of us together.. from another resto.. hihi ^_^v

BBQ sa Kanto

Kamis, 10 April 2014
I went outside to buy meds at around 7:00 PM and to my surprise the Barbeque stall at our kanto was still open. Its usually open at around 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM and most of the time its always sold out, but today they are still open. I didn't ask why I just grabed 10 pcs of pork BBQ and 4 isaw.  BBQ was just 10 bucks  per stick and the Isaw were 5 bucks per stick. I SUPER LOVE THIS BBQ the marinade is just divine. Its definitely a must try when you get to Project 8 :)  
Lucky me! ^_^


Hello there you yummy goodness come to my tummy ^_^

Lovin this Pork Barbeque

Vinegar Dip is simply delish too! :)