Birthday Celebration at Niner Ichi Nana

Selasa, 26 Agustus 2014
Celebrated my Birthday at Niner Ichi Nana last July :)
1) Because I wanted Erwan Heussaff for my birthday present
2) Because I've always wanted to go to this place since they opened
3) I wanted to check out their cool mugs specially the Skully Mug
4) I heard they have really cool drinks :)
5) Erwan Heussaff
6) Erwan Heussaff
and 7) Erwan Heussaff ^___^

Its a little place, really nice for very intimate gatherings.
The staff and the bar tenders were really friendly and accommodating.

When you step inside this place get ready to get Bespoked.
Niner Ichi Nana is a place of expression

My Kind of Mug <3
Waiting to #GetBespoked

^_^ Le Birthday Girl
The Bar

Good Times with Good Friends

Starting the night with Mojito

Super Love This Idea
Each drink are handcrafted according to your preference and the Bar Tender's. Its a work of art in a glass. 
Definitely not your ordinary bar and drinks.
They have really nice and unique drink garnishes too! 

Refreshing with the right amount of kick! :)
The perfect #GetBespoke #CraftCocktail --- Chocolatey with a kick!
Duck Fat Fries - definitely a must try! :)

Santol, Popcorn and Bacon infused drinks? Only here at Niner Ichi Nana

We tried several Bespoked cocktails by Head bartender Ed and Oreo.
Superb! :)

Would definitely love to come back to this wonderful place :) 
And even without Erwan Heussaff that night I had a very fun filled night. Thanks to the bartenders and my friends. :) Happy Birthday indeed. Dear Erwan.. Next year. :P

Birthday Dinner at Tamarind

Met my friends at SM Aura and before heading to Niner Ichi Nana to celebrate my birthday, decided to get Dinner there, but since there were a lot of nice restaurants it was really hard to pick. It was a battle between Magnum Cafe and Tamarind but since my friend wanted to get rice we decided we'd try Tamarind since we have not tried it before.

I tried to research about Tamarind but nothing much was found except that its an upscale version of Jatujak.

Le Menu

Hi! ^_^

Shredded Papaya Salad

Beef Curry
 The Beef was tender and yummeh! :)
Chicken Pad Thai

Tom Yum Goong
 I looooooove the Tom Yum and it was Spicy and Sour, A must try! :)
Hey There Shrimpeee!!! In my bowl you go! Omnomnom <3

With Friends <3
The place had a relaxed atmosphere, the staff we're friendly nice and very accommodating. The food were delish, and when we got the bill, We were surprised as it was not that bad :)

My friends had the grandest time asking the staff to sing me a birthday song and they gamely did. :) Thank You ^_^

Off to Niner Ichi Nana we go... ^_^
Check out my Niner Ichi Nana experience here.  :)

#ShareACoke with Me! ^_^

Minggu, 24 Agustus 2014

 Just when I thought this is the closest that I would get my hands on a #ShareACoke product.

Oh My Gee #SareeButNotSaree

Last Sunday I was sooooo thrilled to finally be able to get my own #ShareACoke Personalized bottle at Coca-Cola's Share A Coke Tour at Eastwood City Walk, Been wanting to get one since I saw their commercials and Billboard Ads.

Good thing we came to the venue early, we were... I think...10th on queue and we just waited probably less than 30 minutes or so to get my bottles. :) 

Just a few tips if you want to get your own #ShareACoke Personalized bottle:
  •  Check their Facebook Page for updates because sometimes they change venues few days before the actual date so better read any updates or you'll end up being disappointed. 
  •  Be there early to avoid the looooooooong queue
  • If you're planning to get more than four bottles of #ShareACoke Bring a friend along because there will be a maximum of 4 Bottles per person limit.

Le Early Birds Don't stay too long on queue ^_^

Weeeeeeeeee ^___^ 2 #ShareACoke Personalized bottles for me!

#ShareACoke with Moi!!! ^_^ #Happiness
You get to type your name  in the touch screen of the Coke vending machine, then wait a few seconds while the machine prints your personalized Coke Bottle.  Too bad I was not able to capture it on video,  it was too cute ^_^  Pretty cool eh? :)  It was such a Happy Experience.

My Loots
Initially I wanted to get my Family each A Personalized #ShareACoke bottle with their names on it, but upon seeing the loots of the people before me,  Seeing more than 12 pcs of 1.5 - 2 Liters of Coca-Cola Products and thinking how far the walk will be from the Event area to the Parking Area plus its getting hot already because its past 10 AM ... I was like.. "How about.. NO." I was thinkin' "There's got to be a smarter way to do this." Then I finally decided that I'd just get 2 #ShareACoke bottles instead, One with my name and 2nd with my Family's Surname on it, Not only would I be able to share it with my Family, but with the whole Calderon Fam. :)

.... and to boot, I saved myself a couple of Hundred Pesos and Calories ^__^ 

At 2 Liters each.. definitely a must share! :)

Weeeeeeeeeeee ^___^ #ShareACoke with me!

#ShareACoke with my FamBam <3

Awww... #ShareACoke with.... la la la LOVE <3

Oh My Gee It's ME!
you can also get this at their Facebook App :) Awesome!

Kudos to Coca-Cola for their very smart Marketing Strategy.  I just love how this little bottles and cans could make someone's day. <3

Who are you sharing your #ShareACoke today? :)  #ShareACokeShareHappiness

Wendy's Salad Bar is now back! :)

Rabu, 13 Agustus 2014

Nope it's not just because it's #ThrowBackThursday, but for reals . I just checked and it looks like its only available at some Wendy's stores,  good thing I chanced upon their SM North Annex Branch and saw the good ol' Salad Bar.

Wendy’s outlets: SM Megamall, Greenfields Portal, Glorietta 4 Cinema Level, SM Annex North EDSA,  Boni corner EDSA, and SM Centerpoint Sta. Mesa and Sta Lucia Grandmall.

Nostalgic. The last time I had one of these would probably be back in college. I was a big fan of Wendy's Salad Bar back then.

The Salad Plate
Php 199.00
Le Salad Bar
They've added something new in the Salad Bar
I'm not sure if they had previously had Potato Salad in the Salad Bar, and they now have Lychee Gelatin, Fiesta Fruit Cocktail and Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing

I was trying to make a Happy Salad ^__^

 Going to the salad bar evoked wonderful memories with my Mom or Aunt and I reminisced how meticulously they would line up tissues on the tray, then placing carefully the Salad Plate in the center of the tray,  then the the challenge of putting up a beautiful tall pile of lettuce, macaroni salad, cucumber slices, cheese, egg, croutons and dressing.

I like it paired with Chicken Wings <3

My fave Biggie Iced Tea, and oh that's just my phone peeking from the Wendy's Cups hihi --- totally wholesome drinks!

Oh and they don't have croutons anymore :(
 I had fun assembling my own salad, but I must admit I was not really delighted at my work of art after seeing the next table's plate.

Next table's Salad... ehmergerds @_@

 I will definitely come back and try it again! :)

I was contemplating on getting some fries, but thinking about the calories and all that carbs plus I really wanted to get cakes from Mary Grace so I stopped myself. :) (Things I didn't really have to bother when I was a kid T_T )
Sharing my dessert ^_^

Mango Bene from Mary Grace

Chocolate Mousse from Mary Grace
And after my cheat day My Wednesdate and I watched Guardians of the Galaxy and I fell in love with Groot! He's sooooo freakin cute!!! <3
I'am Groot! We are Groot!