Happy Pao ^_^

Selasa, 16 September 2014
I've been obsessing with the Happy Pao for a few weeks now.
A few weeks back my sister sent me a Viber Pic of the Happy Pao and I instanly fell inlove. She found a pic of it via Instagram. I tried to research about it but could not find which branch has it. I went to the extent of calling Chowking's Delivery Line to order but they didn't have it available yet for delivery as not all branch has it yet, checked for locations that has the Happy Pao but the lady who answered referred me to their company CS, unfornately after waiting for 10 minutes on hold nobody had any idea which branch has it. I've been checking Chowking's FB and I was wondering why there was no commercial for these cute little siopaos.

Then  3 days ago they finally released it! woot woot!! :) Got Mine Yesterday... and was sooooooooooooo happy ^_^

Finally My Happy Pao! ^_^

Piggy Pao

Asado Siopao

    I had a hard time breaking these kawaii babies as they were sooooooooooooo cute ^_^.
    The Asado Pao was really cute but the siopao had a strong ginger after taste.. I dunno why. The Asado
      Sauce that came with it actually made up for it, so it was still ok :)

Panda Pao

Choco filled Panda
All my favorite things in one Bun
Panda + Chocolate + Siopao Bun <3

O hai!

   #happypao  is love <3 well PANDA is for me <3