The El Cangrejo Crab, Seafood and Steak Bistro Experience

Selasa, 11 November 2014
I was undecided as to where to go for dinner last night then a PM came from one of the restaurants that I've been wanting to try, I took it as a sign and besides I was craving for some crabs yesterday ^_^

Where are we going for dinner tonight? My Sign.
By the way I just had to share, The El Cangrejo Crab, Seafood and Steak Bistro FB Admin or whoever manages their FB page is really nice and is prompt in answering inquiries, . Kudos and Thanks! ^_^

Love the quaint rustic vibe of the place. The servers we're very friendly, engaging and helpful from the minute you come in till you leave. Awesome service you guys! :) All our needs were attended and they were pro active with changing plates, filling up your glasses and checking if you need refills. Loved it! :)

There were mouthwatering selections on the menu but last night, I came for their Unlimited Crabs and Steaks. Yes, UNLIMITED....CRABS...CRABS... CRABS and STEAKS. I was ecstatic.

The Meal started with Pumpkin soup, It looked fancy and it was creamy but it had a hint of curry but It was OK.

I'm not a meat person so I didn't really care about the steak until I tried their steak. It was awesome! Cooked to my liking - Medium Well. I don't care about what people say about how steaks should be done but I like mine Medium Well so go stuff your face with your Medium Rare...I'll stuff mine with Medium Well. :P We thought of skipping the white rice but we already ordered but as soon as I got a taste of the lovely steak there's no way this white rice is leaving my table! It was absolutely delish .. and oh I just can't help myself from getting an extra serving of the demi glace.. I just had to :) I only got 2 plates of the steak because I was so concentrated with my crabs <3.  A plate would have 4 or 5 thin slices of steak.

Our Server asked us if we were ready to order crabs and I was like.. "Are you kidding me?! I'm ready for the migration of crabs!" ^___^ What I love about the crabs is that it tasted fresh, sweet and succulent. It had a hint of curry but not that strong at all so it still was OK, it complimented the crabs well. The Vinegar dip was so good too, just had to ask the server for red chilies! Perfect! How Many Plates of Crabs we finished? Check it down below! :)

Le Facade

The Door way to Unlimited Steak and Crabs <3
Le Dining Area
Le Menu

My date for tonight <3 #Naruto
Pumpkin Soup

Le sumptuous steak

Plate of Crabs #1

Plate of Crabs #2

Plate of Crabs #3

Buuurp! Ooopsie my plate's a mess <3 Happy Tummy, Happy Gee ^_^

Thank you, you served me well ^_^

El Cangrejo Special Cake  - Chocolate Cheesecake w/ Blueberries
Love the crust of this Cake <3

Naruto Perler Figure by OhMyGeeSTuff
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The Unli Crabs and Steak is priced at php795 net, not including the dessert. Super worth it and is one of the best deals there is. :) 

Last but not the least, thanks for Google Maps! I was able to locate  El Cangrejo Crab, Seafood and Steak Bistro. I just love Google Maps than my Iphone Maps. It works way better.

I cant wait to get back for their Unlimited Oysters and Wine. ^___^

El Cangrejo Crab, Seafood and Steak Bistro
Unit D1 Jardin de Zenaida, 34 Sgt. Esguerra Avenue
South Triangle, Quezon City