Behold Bohol Day 05: Dumuluan Beach

Rabu, 24 Februari 2016
Day 5

          Woke up early as this is my last day here in Bohol, I wouldn't let this day pass by without checking out Dumuluan Beach, got in a motorbike to get there and paid an entrance fee of Php 25.00 when you pass by Dumuluan Beach Resort. I love how this place is so different from Alona. Its lined up with a different resorts but its much more peaceful in here. Plus there were starfish everywhere.I soaked up some sun and went back to Bohol Coco Farm because I'll be flying back to Manila in the afternoon. Check out my snapshots below.


A kid at the beach filled this with starfish and Baymax just had to dive in and join the fun ^_^
          I wanted to try out the breakfast from Dumuluan Beach Resort but had to stop myself since I have free breakfast at back in Bohol Coco Farm plus I wanted to try out the Coco Pancit. (Check out my review here.) After breakfast I had a nice bath before heading back to Tagbilaran Airport. I got a tryc to take me to the Airport and ask him if we could go somewhere to buy pasalubong and he brought me to some place near the airport to get pasalubongs :) 

So good! <3
Thanks Bohol for an awesome adventure. I'll be back <3

Awesome way to end my 5-day aventure here in Bohol. I never thought that I'd be able to do it but here I am writing about my first solo adventure. The whole thing was exhilarating.Where to go next? :)

Life is a Journey
Don't Imprison yourself in a rut.
Break free and travel.
Wander, As if you're lost.
It's The only way to discover yourself.

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Bohol Coco Farm Experience

Minggu, 21 Februari 2016

          Without any reservations, I went to Bohol Coco Farm for an overnight stay in Panglao. I was able to get a room shared with 3 other female solo travelers from different countries for only Php 350.00 a night with free organic breakfast. Sweet deal.
          A Backpackers Haven, Bohol Coco Farm offers accommodation for budget travelers and has a wide array of organic food in their restaurant. The staff were friendly and accommodating. I highly suggest this place if you are solo backpacking its super worth it. It's not beach front but its fine. The restrooms and shower rooms were common but were clean.
  • Alona beach is about a 25-minute tryc ride away
  • Dumaluan beach is about 5 minute motorcycle ride away or 15 minutes walk
  • A small commercial plaza nearby has a restaurants and coffee shops.  
  • Tours can also be arranged and they have motorbikes for rent.

Charging station. A nice place to chill out in the morning :)

The long house where I stayed.

Our Room
very basic but its all that I need.

Other Kubo type accommodation

Organic Breakfast
Who knew you could eat grated coconut with talbos ng kamote!

My Dessert: Coconut and Milk x Camote Top Juice
Pretty much like a breakfast but I liked it. :)

Coco Pancit was the bomb!
It has coconut meat to substitute the noodles in the pancit and surprisingly it didn't lack any flavor.

Thanks for the awesome stay Bohol Coco Farm ^_^v

          Since its summer time, I highly suggest you book in advance I was just lucky on this trip that every place I got to had rooms too accommodate me :)

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Bohol Coco Farm
Purok 1, Libaong, Panglao Island, Bohol


Behold Bohol Day 04: Aloha Alona Beach Panglao

Sabtu, 20 Februari 2016

Day 4

         I checked out early at 1Peace Beach Resort, at around 7:00 AM and rode a tryc going to Guindulman where I could get a van going back to Tagbilaran. There is a bus in Anda bound for Tagbilaran but I didn't want to wait so I went to Guindulman and got a van from there bound for Tagbilaran. When I told the conductor where I wanted to be dropped off they were not familiar with the street so they just dropped me somewhere in Tagbilaran and they asked me to get a tryc as they are more familiar with the streets there. I got in a tryc and went to Gerarda's for lunch. (Check out my restaurant review here.) I initially was thinking of hiring a tryc to take me to Panglao which would cost me Php 300 from Tagbilaran, but because of the staff from Gerarda's who taught me how to get to Panglao, I got there for less than Php 50. From Gerarda's I got in a tryc (Php 9.00) to take me to the Jeep terminal beside the Bohol Museum where there are jeeps (Php 20.00) bound for Panglao.

         This is the first time I've tried an "extension seat" in a jeep. I told the person that was getting people inside the jeep that I'll just wait for the next jeep and he said that it would take 30 minutes for another jeep arrive and insisted I get on the jeep and not to worry because the jeep still has space in it, he got my big backpack and placed it on top of the Jeepney. The space he was referring was the tiny space in the entrance of the jeep where he placed a small wooded stool called "extension". I hopped in and threw all the care I had in the air, Im going to Panglao ~local style! After a few minutes after we left and just when I thought that the jeep was already filled up since I was the one seated in the entrance, girls of all ages from teens to elders got in the jeep in front of me standing and made "sabit" 4 girls to be exact. Not a care in the world one was even texting. :) 

         I checked in at Bohol Coco Farm, again without any reservations, I got lucky to get in a room shared with 2 other female solo travelers. (Check out my Bohol Coco Farm review here.)  After checking in I got in a tryc and headed for Bohol Bee Farm to check out the place. I initially wanted to get coffee here and stay for a while but I was running short of time I still wanted to check out 2 beaches. So I just roamed around the place and got ice cream. :) 

Like the Bohol Coco Farm, the Bohol Bee farm is all about organic stuff. They have a cafe, a dining area, a store for wide array of pasalubong items, Bakery, they also have accommodations available and Ice Cream Parlor.
Dont Panic! Its Organic! :)
indoor pool

Tourista Mode. Too bad they didn't have the sili flavor.
I got to taste the Malunggay and Ginger Ice cream both were good but I prefer the Coco Rhum ^_^ Cheers!

         After Bohol Bee Farm, the tryc I hired to get here offered to wait for me and bring me to Alona Beach.

         Alona Beach is located in Panglao Island, Philippines. It is situated around 20 kilometres from Tagbilaran. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in the Bohol province, because of its white sand and the rocky cliffs surrounding it. They say this is the Boracay of Bohol. True enough there are lots of establishments lined up the shore of Alona Beach.

Aloha Alona! <3 Baymax

It would've been a beautiful scene if the Sun had come out. Its been drizzling since I got here.
I walked the whole stretch of Alona Beach in search of the most inexpensive seafood dinner
unfortunately it rained so hard I ended up getting a Seafood Pizza instead
Le Seafood Pizza ^_^
         After dinner and after it stopped raining,  I went to the tryc terminal to head back to where I was staying. I chilled for a while at the Bohol Coco Farm resto and got dessert.

Coconut and milk + Camote Top Juice

          At 9:00 PM I went back to my room and called it a day. Day 4: Success! :)

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Behold Bohol Day 03: A trip to Anda's Public Beach

Rabu, 17 Februari 2016
Day 3

          I woke up really early for my Day 3, because I wanted to check out the public beach of Anda. I requested for a tryc to pick me up at 8AM from the resort to go to the public beach but I was told that it would be much cheaper if I get a motorcycle, Php 30 if I got one from the main road versus a Php100 tryc that would pick me up from the resort, and since I'm afraid to ride a "habal habal" (and didn't want to walk) I insisted for a tryc to pick me up instead. I woke up really early around 6:00 AM and nobody was up yet, I really wanted to get coffee but there is no nearby store, I just stayed by the shore to watch the sunrise. Then Kuya Ramil a tryc driver I met at the resort yesterday came by the shore, we chit-chatted a bit and he offered to take me to the Public Beach on his motorbike. I was thrilled because I was really getting hungry I forgot I was afraid of riding one! haha! Kuya Ramil was so nice to make the offer and he even showed me the Anda food center where I could get some food. He dropped me off at the Tourism Center. I went inside the tourism center and I asked what I could do around. There actually a lot of things you could do in Anda such as:
  • Lamanoc Island Tour - I super regret not going here because I left my waterproof bag in the resort and I was just not comfortable to ride a bangka without it. Its a halfday tour with lunch included :(
  • Chill by the public beach - FOR FREE! yep! :) 
  • Cave exploring - one of the famous caves would be Combento where you can take a dip inside a cave. There's a lot of caves in here to explore!
  • Diving and Snorkeling
          I got to the beach really early and there were not much establishments open so I decided to check out the nearby church and walked around the beach, Anda Public Beach is a long stretch of powdery white sand, It was low tide so it was not ideal to swim at this time, but it was good for strolling and soaking up some sun. For a public beach, It was a sight to behold, I loved it there! :)

Quinale Beach (Public Beach)

Ceiling design of Santo Nino de Anda Parish Church

Santo Nino de Anda Parish Church

Old Castles's Beach front

Anda De Boracay Beach Resort

Buffet breakfast at Anda De Boracay beach resort
          The breakfast buffet wasn't much, the usual pinoy breakfast and unlimited coffee for Php 200.00. I stayed here for a while I guess it was worth it. I was sitting beside an outlet and I was so happy to be charging my phone with a strong LTE signal from Globe and I had a beautiful view of the beach while I'm having my much needed caffeine fix... ahh the life! :))

Baymax and the low tide Quinale Beach <3

Baby Sea Urchin? Uniiiii <3
          I really woke up early for this! I thought there were people pedling this by beach I really wanted to try a fresh Uni. But there was none, I just found this baby Uni by the beach. I showed it to the kids trailing behind me and told them to be careful not to step on one.

Kids and Beach <3

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

Chill at Quinale Beach Bar
          People are nice here Bohol, I passed by a table with a group of people and they invited me to join them offered me food. I politely declined and got a table of my own and just chilled by the beach :)

Me: "What?!"
Baymax: "You just had a buffet breakfast!"

Lunch time at Anda Food Center

Lunch for Php 75.00

          After lunch, I went to a mini grocery to get some snacks and hailed a tryc to get me back to 1Peace Beach Resort. After getting back to the resort, Kat one of the owners told me that we'll all eat out tonight because they won't be cooking in the resort and told me to be ready by 7PM. I just chilled by the beach again the whole day and prepped for dinner. We went to a small eatery owned by one of their friends. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take any pictures anymore from dinner but It was great meeting other people. Went back to the resort after dinner and dozed off. Day 3 was another success! :)

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