Behold Bohol Day 2: Anda bound and Chillin at 1Peace Beach Resort

Minggu, 14 Februari 2016

          After I checked out from Nisa Travellers Hotel, I hailed a tryc to take me to Dao Integrated Bus Terminal. I got in a Van bound for Anda but had to wait till its filled up with people, We had to wait around 45 minutes. I got so hungry and knowing that it would be a 2 hours travel to Anda,  I decided to get brunch from a Carinderia inside the terminal, best Php 45.00 meal I had :)

          Anda is a small peninsula in the Eastern Tip of Bohol, Which boast of beautiful beaches with great powder like sands. They also have different caves and is a great snorkeling site. I initially wanted to do a Cebu-Bohol Trip but decided to do a separate trip to Cebu in the future because I really wanted to check out Anda. Anda definitely didn't disappoint, I got my much needed me time (soul-searching?)there :) . Anda is not a popular holiday destination, I don't know why but this is a beautiful place to go to. Check out my Day 3 for the Anda's Public Beach adventure.

Super sulit meal of the day: Shrimp okoy, rice and coke sakto for only Php45

          After 2 hours, I finally got to Anda, Good thing the van I rode went inside 1Peace Beach Resort because it was a good 700 meters walk from the road to 1 Peace Beach Resort and with my big back pack and the fact that I'm too lazy to walk that was simply great! :) 

Finally 1Peace Beach Resort ^_^

          I chanced upon 1Peach Beach Resort in TripAdvisor, when I was scouting for a place to stay in TripAdvisor and again people were raving about the place and they were right, this place was awesome. Without any room reservations I got lucky there is still a bed available in the Dorm. This would be my first time to be staying in a dorm type accommodation and it was actually pretty cool. 

          I met the owners of the resort upon checking in, Kat, Olivier and please forgive me I forgot the name of the other guy. They were really nice, accommodating and hands on. I like how the place is so relaxed and has that very chill atmosphere. They have chill out tower which is my 2nd favorite spot in the resort,where you can just chill by the hammock, play music or read a book. Writing this makes me miss the place so much. I was able to do a lot of thinking in this place. I spend the day here just being lazy under the sun. They also host dinners for the all the guest which was a fun way of meeting other travelers and people in the resort. I regret that I was not able to join in the barbeque night on my first night here because I was still full from the yummy Pesto Pasta that I got when I got to the place. They had a long table set up for the barbeque night with beach house music in the background complete with a turntable set up, while I was just enjoying my stay in the hammock in the chill out tower. They have free WIFI in the resort, strong signal I must say :). You can do a lot of activities in the resort like diving, snorkeling, kayaking and beach volleyball is also available.

          One tip thought when visiting this place, there are no ATMs in Anda so make sure that you have enough cash for your activities and accommodation. They only take cash  at 1Peace Beach Resort and closest ATM would be in Jagna which is 25 kms away and believe me, because this happened to me when I went to Bolinao, there would be 1 or 2 atms in a certain municipality in far flung places and sometimes it doesn't work. So before leaving Tagbilaran make sure you have enough cash before heading for Anda.

          This is the very first time that I was able to try a dorm accommodation as I've mentioned earlier and it felt weird to be staying in a mixed dorm set up. But it was actually OK and it wasn't bad at all. For only Php 400.00 per night I must say I got a great deal. They have set rules inside the dorm and the place and people would usually go to the room to sleep.They also have safes available if you need to store some valuables. They have towels available!!!! ^_^ One of the things I really appreciate here is that it's available when you check in. I hate bringing towels when traveling.

          Check out my snapshot in 1Peace Beach Resort below ^_^

1Peace Beach Resort
My home in Anda for 2 days

The mixed dorm where I stayed, I got the upper bunk very left corner of the room.
No need for AC in this place as it was cool at night time.

My 3rd Favorite Spot  :)

Homemade Pesto Pasta <3
sooooooooo good! ^_^


Good Morning ^_^

My #1 Favorite spot in 1Peace Beach Resort would be this.
Just chilling by the beach <3
I regret not bringing goggles because this is a great place for snorkeling. They have it for rent for a minimal fee.

View from the Chill Out Tower

Traveling alone was OK but I got tired from not talking all day long, Good thing a friend called me and I was able to talk --- A LOT! hahaha =)) So proud that I was able to get to this place alone safe and sound, haha. Well its not that hard to go here because It's just a 2 hour van ride away. Day 2 Wandering through Bohol Adventure! Success! <3

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1Peace Beach Resort
Virgen, Anda (3 km before city center)