Oh My Gee Its Me Eats: Genki Sushi

Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

         The Original and Authentic Kaiten Sushi from Japan is finally now in Manila, I was able to try this few months back but was not able to post my review immediately. ^_^v Genki Sushi is a Japanese franchise that's well known in Hongkong, Singapore, Bangkok and some parts of the US.  You get to input your order from a tablet, then after sending your order a train will stop by your table to deliver your order, quite fun eh! ^_^ The tablet would also show you your running bill so that you can manage your orders but that didn't work out for me as I was having fun ordering and trying out the items on the menu, and yup train! Check out our little sushi feast below. 

Sushi Feast

The tablet to take your orders  and shows you also the running bill
Once you get seated the server would help you out in getting familiar with their ordering system.

The train ^_^
Green Tea anyone?
I love how you can make your own green tea, in this way you also get to control how strong you want your green tea would be.

Tuna Roll

Spicy Salmon

Shrimp Garlic Butter

Steamed Egg Custard

Chuka Wakame
My favorite <3

Salmon Taberu Layu

Fried Tofu Skin

Shrimp Taberu Layu

Seared Salmon Pollock Roe

Squid Taberu Layu

Surf Clam Gunkan

Lobster Salad

Sea Eel Whole
One of the expensive item in the menu. Php 250 for a plate of this,  it read "whole" this doesn't look whole to me! Nonetheless it was good ^_^

Dessert Time!
Rare Japanese Cheesecake

Matcha Double Fromage

Me trying to do the Genki Sushi Face T_T

         All 3 cakes were so good, but my top 1 would be the Rare Japanese Cheesecake. I asked the waiter where this came from and he told me that it was imported from Japan. 2nd best for me would be the Tiramisu only because Iam not a Matcha Cake fan but I still enjoyed the Matcha Double Fromage. 

         Over all the experience was fun, the items on the menu were affordable, but in my case since I was having fun with how the trains come and go, I lost track of my bill even if it was just right in front of my face. hehe :))  Next time I'd go for the Chirashi and Chuka Wakame <3.

Genki Sushi
2nd Floor, Bonifacio Stop Over
Rizal Drive Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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A taste of Lomi at Liam's Lomi House

Sabtu, 19 Maret 2016

         I told my friend that before we head back to Manila, since we were in Batangas that it is a must to try their Lomi here. Batangas is know for a lot of food but one of them would be Lomi. Lomi or Pancit Lomi is a type of noodle soup dish that makes use of thick egg noodles. The bowl of soup is filled with different meat ingredients like pork or chicken, kikiam, ham, and meatballs, to name a few.

         Liam's Lomi Haus was built in July 2007 at the Receno Compound, Gen. Luna St., Sabang Lipa City Batangas which could sit 12 dining customers and now since they have expanded the place has now accommodate 72 dining customers.. The business was named after the first child of the owner, now I wonder what Liam looks like now. ^_^ hehe.

         I wanted to over order... oh I mean.. try out their other food (hihi ^_^)  but my friend was still full from our breakfast from Cintai Corito's Garden, so I just tried out their best seller lomi and some snacks. 

Special Lomi

I am not a fan of Lomi but this one is soooo good.

Puto Pao and Baymax ^_^

I forgot what this is called, I think its Macaroons and its heavenly. Super delish!

I haven't really tried this yet but my friend said that these pastillas were the bomb!

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Liam's Lomi House
Recenos Compound, Sabang, Gen. Luna St, Lipa,  
Batangas City, Philippines
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Lunch at Candlelight Cafe

Kamis, 17 Maret 2016

         After visiting The Marian Orchard, we headed to Candlelight Cafe for lunch, This place is not so hard to find. We, again used Google Maps to get to this place. Candlelight Cafe is an artsy-fartsy cafe that sells not just food and coffee but some art pieces and candles too.

with Mi Bae <3

Cute candles  of different designs can be found in this Cafe.

Elephants and Owls

matryoshka doll candles

The wall decor with different medium for the hanging ornaments, some were made of wood, glass, lce and of course candles! ^_^

Artsy Fartsy Nook

One of the painiting being sold in the cafe

Freedom board

Mortenese Php 195
best-seller Spaghetti with Morten's rich red sauce made with pure lean beef
guaranteed to get you hooked!

Potato Salad Php 149
marble potatoes in Candelight Cafe's special white sauce

Andy Warhol Php 99
Guava and Lemon

Frida Kahlo Php 120
Lemon and  Mint

         The food is the cafe were just OK for me, what I really liked were the drinks. Friday Kahlo is a must order specially if its so hot outside and you just want to cool down, this is a guaranteed thirst-quencher. I give an 8 in a scale of 1-10. Andy Warhol was soo good too. Too bad I was not able to check out their coffee maybe next time when I get back to this place.

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         This blog post is part of my My little Balinese-getaway at Cintai Coritos's Garden article. Check it out by clicking on the title link.
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Candlelight Cafe
KM 77 JP Laurel Highway, 
Barangay Maraouy, 4217 Lipa, Batangas 
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A Visit To The Marian Orchard

Rabu, 09 Maret 2016

          Since its the Lenten Season,  I'd like to share this place in Balete, Batangas for those seeking a quiet refuge and place for contemplation. Marian Orchard has been here for a few decades already but is not a well known place despite the proximity of the place in Metro Manila. This is rather a late post, I visited the place last December. They were still building the pathway for the Stations Of The Cross Trail. Hopefully by this time its already done.

          Since it was too early to check in to Cintai Coritor Garden, My friend and I went on a little side to Marian Orchard to say a little prayer and check out the place too. The place was serene and beautiful. They have a chapel, a garden with saints, station of the cross w/ trail going around the place and a replica of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer. We were able to get to the place with the help of Google Maps. Entrance fee is Php 25.00 and there is another Php 25.00 for parking fee if you have a car. Check out the snapshot of the place below. :)


Pathway leading to the Stations of the Cross

The Sacred Heart Tower
The Chapel

The view from the Sacred Heart Tower
Garden of the Saints
Garden of the Saints leading to Virgin Mary
On a clear day, it is said that you can have a sweeping view of the Taal Volcano and Lake, Mt. Makiling, Maculot and Malarayat from afar and the mystic Mt. Banahaw.

That Rio De Janeiro "Christ the Redeemer" Feels

          Have a meaningful Lenten Season to All. :) 

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         This blog post is part of my My little Balinese-getaway at Cintai Coritos's Garden article. Check it out by clicking on the title link.
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Marian Orchard
Barangay Malabanan, Balete, Batangas

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