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Senin, 04 April 2016

          I've been seeing their sign in General Ave. when my sisters and I would pass by, we'd be curious as to why the name is Humbleger and we'd come up with different stories and have a good laugh, little did we know that after a few months we'd come to like the place. The red phone booth outside their store was something new to see in General Ave if you've been living within the area for years. It made me curious even more. If you'd been reading my foodie blog post you'd know I'm no burger fan but still curiosity got the best of me and well the rest is ....well documented below. Haha! ^_^

          Humbleger is a small burger place at General Ave. Project 8, Quezon City by Chef Neil Bautista. Its a London Themed burger dining place who boast of serving freshly prepared food every single day. I've dined here two times already and I must say the people here are really nice and accommodating, I've seen Chef Neil too and he's really hands on, friendly and nice. I was just too shy to get a picture with him for the blog,  Maybe next time chef? ^_^ hihi

          First time I visited the place I got their CHICKEN SAWRAP and man was it a sulit sarap chicken wrap I've ever tasted. They didn't skimp on the chicken and the taste was good. My super favorite on their menu and I would highly recommend is their FALLOUT WINGS. This is the only falling out I like.. FALLOUT WINGS (the #hugot just comes out naturally.. lol). Seriously its a must try. I hope it comes with rice soon. ^_^ The burgers were juicy and were also good too.


On My First Visit

On my second visit ^_^

Maltesers Smoothie
Reese's  Smoothie with Chef Neil at the background ^_^
London Eye
Fresh Patty, Melted Cheese, Grilled Bacon, Mushroon and Secret Sauce.
Chicken Sawrap
Deep Fried Chicken Breast dusted in our fresh herbs and spice, shredded lettuce, fresh mayo in tortilla wrap
4x4 fresh patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, secret suace, giant bun. Good for 2-4 people.
Upclose and personal with Big Ben Tower
Bacon bits, mushroom, melted cheese and spring onions.
Deep fried chicken wings dusted in our secret herbs and spice flour
Ahhhhh must order! My ultimate fave in this place ^_^

My sis Yami be like... "Ohh sooo yummy!" ^_^

Swing by if you're within the area, right beside them is also my go to Milktea place TEAZA.
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Project 8, Quezon City
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